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No. True Natural Horsemanship takes the participant back to a time where natural horsemanship was the art of communicating with horses by learning the nature and the language of the horse.
Yes and No. TNH is based on recognized universal and humane practices and treatment of horses. TNH is not anything different or unusual. Respect and adherence to the tradition of natural horsemanship as practiced and developed through centuries is at the core of TNH's hands-on, educational approach. The big difference is how horses are taught without a whip in hand in any part of the communications that form the bonding, connecting and reactions/responses.
The True Natural Horsemanship method teaches participants how to discipline horses with actions that horses understand. The communication is human and horse centered. TNH achieves the same outcomes in different ways that horses respond to and that create lasting trust, respect and reaction/response. Whips simply do not need to be used or even carried!
Horses that fear humans are often considered dangerous. Training that involves force and domination with the use of whips, ropes, things that scare horses dangling from sticks and so forth eventually causes a breakdown in the animal - either physically, psychologically - or both. Many of these horses (if recovery is possible) never fully recover and are therefore the most difficult to rehabilitate.
Horses like to be with and follow those whom they trust. A horse that trusts you is safe to work with, spend time with and will listen to you when the unexpected occurs. Earning a horse's trust is the horse's gift in return for a humane and compassionate friend.
If a replacement can be located a full refund less an administration and processing fee of $20 is provided.
Absolutely. We also encourage the TNH instructors to actively teach others the humane and compassionate methods that horses and humans benefit from.
The TNH video is in production and it is hoped will be completed by the end of 2016.
Yes! One of the most important aims of the Epona Academy is to bring our youth together with horses and learn about the animals. We also have special workshops for beginners to horses that want to learn how to be safe and comfortable around the animals. Please see the TNH workshops and sessions section for our selection.

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