True Natural Horsemanship

An internationally acclaimed horse training and communication method.

Online Consulation

True Natural Horsemanship online consultation
A private online consultation about your horse

Felicia M. Allen is the founder of the Epona Academy of True Natural Horsemanship and the TNH method of communicating, enjoying and training horses (and their humans!).

With over five decades of living and loving horses and in those years learning many different aspects of horse psychology, actions/re-actions, equine communication and the nature of the horse, Felicia brings a wealth of information and experience to her private online consultations.

If you have a situation that could use some solid knowledge, education and expertise, bring your situation to Felicia with her online private consultation. Felicia only practices True Natural Horsemanship in her evaluation which is a method that does not rely on the use of whips or pain-inflicting paraphernalia.

Please note:

There are no refunds on online private consultations. One consultation includes up to one hour of Felicia's evaluation and recommendations. The consultation must be conducted within one year of purchase. Online chat, videos, teleconferencing and so forth may be used during a consultation if in Felicia's opinion the media will assist in providing an effective outcome.

Felicia does not promise to cure your horse or forever solve the problem. She will bring her expertise and experience using an internationally acclaimed horse training and communication method, True Natural Horsemanship, to provide indepth understanding and experience to assist.

Online Consultation: $80

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