True Natural Horsemanship

An effective horse training and communication method.


True Natural Horsemanship online course
Become a certified Generalist True Natural Horsemanship instructor

The Epona Academy of True Natural Horsemanship method is portable and anyone who is comfortable with horses and wants to share the basics (foundation) of our humane method can become a certified TNH Generalist Instructor.

The certified True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructor is able to teach the basics of horse handling, safety, basic training and communication to the general public on an individual basis only (the Specialist TNH Instructor designation is required for group, workshop, horse training or rider instruction). The TNH Generalist Instructor has an understanding and indepth knowledge of the TNH foundation from which all other specialist rider and horse training is based.

The True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructor certification is also available locally with workshops. Please see the TNH Generalist Instructor workshops

Course Prerequisites:

A Certificate of Completion is required for each of the above courses

Course cost: $225


A horse
Access to a horse, a halter and a lead rope are required. No whips or pain paraphalia are ever used in TNH. A computer and internet connection is necessary.
Each section of the TNH course is available for up to one week and is required to be completed within that week. Sections are up to two hours. There are six sections in total.
On Completion
A Certificate of Certification as a True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructor is provided if the testing that accompanies each section achieves a 70% or higher score.