True Natural Horsemanship

An effective training and communication method.

Overcoming Fear

True Natural Horsemanship online course
Fear is often based on apprehension and lack of leadership.

Fear in horses is equivalent to apprehension except in its extreme form. Horses are flight animals and are guided by instinct when it comes to fear.

There are ways with the True Natural Horsemanship method to lessen or eliminate fear or ongoing fearful responses in a horse. Fear in horses is often misinterpreted by human beings as stubborness and regretably treated with force rather than recognizing that horses are flight animals and are naturally apprehensive.

Teach your horse (and you will also learn how to work with a horse that 'spooks' a lot) that your wisdom and experience is reliable and that your leadership can be trusted.

Course prerequisites

- A horse that you can work and practice with is required (the horse does not have to be your own!).
- The True Natural Horsemanship foundation course with a Certificate of Completion.

Course cost: $80


A horse
Access to a horse, a halter and a lead rope are required. No whips or pain paraphalia are ever used in TNH. A computer and internet connection is necessary.
Each section of the TNH course is available for up to one week and is required to be completed within that week. Sections are up to two hours. There are three sections in total.
On Completion
A certificate of completion is provided if the quiz that accompanies each section achieves a 70% or higher score.