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True Natural Horsemanship
True Natural Horsemanship instructors are individuals and horse lovers that want to show others how to work with horses effectively, humanely and with respect for the animal's nature and wellbeing. TNH Instructorship is either a generalist or specialist level.

True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructor

The Epona Academy of True Natural Horsemanship method is portable and anyone who is comfortable with horses and wants to share the basics (foundation) of our humane method can become a certified TNH Generalist Instructor.

The certified True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructor is able to teach the basics of horse handling, safety, basic training and communication to the general public on an individual basis only (the Specialist TNH Instructor designation is required for group, workshop, horse training or rider instruction). The TNH Generalist Instructor has an understanding and indepth knowledge of the TNH foundation from which all other specialist rider and horse training is based.

For a description of the True Natural Generalist Instructor workshops and certification information, please see the TNH Generalist Instructor workshops

TNH Generalist instructors are people-persons who love to share the humane principles of the True Natural Horsemanship method.

True Natural Generalist Instructor Workshops

Cost: With own horse, $765. With an Epona horse, $865
Cost includes both the TNH method workshop and the practicum workshop. Workshops are held over two days and are approximately 3-5 hours in duration daily. Bring a snack!
Certification exam cost: $125
*Pre-registration required. Maximum number of participants is six. Register early!

True Natural Horsemanship Specialist Instructor

The TNH Specialist Instructor is a graduate of the Generalist Instructor workshop and examination. The TNH Specialist Instructor has achieved prior certification as a certified TNH Generalist Instructor.

The TNH Specialist Instructor has a solid horseback riding background and is proficient with horses generally (usually a horse owner). The TNH Specialist Instructor has the ability to teach horse training with the TNH method and to conduct workshops showing how the TNH approach is used with horse training and solving rider/horse communication and training problems.

The TNH Specialist has an indepth understanding not only of the TNH method but also of its application to all facets of working with horses and people. The TNH Specialist Instructor Program is intensive with a lot of hands-on participation and involvement.

The TNH Specialist instructor receives a certification certificate upon the completion of the TNH Specialist Instructor intensive program and an 80% passing score in the TNH Specialist Instructor exam.

Certified True Natural Horsemanship Generalist Instructors can apply for the workshops, training and practicum component to become a certified True Natural Specialist Instructor.

True Natural Horsemanship recognizes the horse as the supreme survivor.

The earliest known horses evolved 55 million years ago. We can learn from horses.

Horses are herd animals and are therefore very social!

Horses strive for harmony in their communications with a very clear social order and behaviours that conserve energy and create strong, lasting bonds. Horses are constantly communicating (even when we don't think so!)

Horses come from a place of instinct

Instinct is a powerful survival ally and horses are equipped with highly evolved senses that guide and ensure safety for the animals. The True Natural Horsemanship method teaches us how instinct is integral to understanding the nature of the horse.

Horses are flight animals

Swift actions, loud noises and things being waved at horses ignite the flight response. Instruments of pain, force, and ropes around the neck ignite the fear response. The True Natural Horsemanship method shows a kinder, humane and effective way to train horses than abuse.

Horses are sensitive, intuitive and highly intelligent. True Natural Horsemanship teaches that horses are guided by instinct, intelligence and
											 evolutionary highly developed senses.

We can change some inherent preditor behaviours for horses to better understand.

Making simple changes in the way we are around horses can make a big difference and clear up misunderstandings by us and by our horses. The True Natural Horsemanship method teaches that horses respond intelligently and learn quickly when they understand what is being asked rather than trying to 'figure out' by experimenting with various responses and behaviours what we want.

True Natural Horsemanship recognizes that building a good foundation in communication brings lasting outcomes.

Quick fixes with instruments of pain do not last. Horses are sensitive, intuitive and highly intelligent and react to pain and fear however for horses to learn they must be relaxed, receptive and have trust their handler.

Horses have a social order in all their relationships and interactions

Horses have developed a sense of community that ensures survival, continuity and safety. Human beings are pretty similar. True Natural Horsemanship shows us how we are the same and how we differ for a better understanding of working and relating to horses.

True Natural Horsemanship

Better Communication

Learn how simple changes in working with horses produce positive outcomes for you and your horse for horse and human partnerships that blossom and continue to grow.
True Natural Horsemanship

Humane Methods

Say good-bye to whips, ropes and scary sticks with things attached that frighten horses.

Welcome receptivity, relaxation, harmony and good outcomes in horse training.
True Natural Horsemanship

No Abuse

“Horses that are either inflicted with pain or threatened continuously with pain via the use or presence of the whip has nothing to do with natural horsemanship. Abuse is abuse in any way you serve it.
- Felicia Allen, Founder
True Natural Horsemanship

Love & Adoration

Horses represent freedom, beauty, intelligence and service to Humankind.

True Natural Horsemanship embraces all that horses bring into our lives.

“The horse is God's gift to mankind. ”

Arabian Proverb

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