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True Natural Horsemanship
Magic Horse

As the moon falls overhead I sit still waking
in the hollow where nostrils breathe on
the silence like a travelling storm that rests over the
moment and deep in the shallows.

My eyes drift nowhere your love uncomplicating
my space of torrent and despair
Bring me out, anchor me to a stone
let me hang over the calm.

A life to run with you as a dear friend
in your gallop twisted in the flow of your mane
dancing to life's song and merriment
where else can I dream?

In your eyes the stillness lives
beneath the stellar moon that envelops your eyelids
I reach inward to travel the terrain
of hoof prints that follow to lead.

Horse of magic rising over the moor stretching
beyond the distance reaching into
the well of my being
from the vessel that pours endlessly.

Could I only capture, could I only be
the flight of freedom nearer than farther
closer than distant soundlessly within reach
or so it seemed.

I hug you my magic horse as I hold on,
for dear life is not here to eternity
heaving breadth as one not two not many
one only one only you & only me.

Touching has never felt
Feeling has never been
Living has never left
If you stand with nostrils flaring
over me.

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