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Welcome to The Epona Academy of True Natural Horsemanship

True Natural Horsemanship from Canada

An internationally acclaimed horse training and communication method

True Natural Horsemanship better communication

Better Communication

Learn how simple changes in working and communicating with horses produce positive outcomes for you and your horse for horse and human partnerships that blossom and continue to grow.
True Natural Horsemanship humane horse training

Humane Methods

Say good-bye to whips, ropes and scary sticks with things attached that frighten horses.

Welcome receptivity, relaxation, harmony and good outcomes.
True Natural Horsemanship no abuse policy

No Abuse

“Horses that are either inflicted with pain or threatened continuously with pain via the use or presence of the whip has nothing to do with natural horsemanship. Abuse is abuse in any way you serve it.

- Felicia Allen, Founder
True Natural Horsemanship

Love & Adoration

Horses represent freedom, beauty, intelligence and service to Humankind.

True Natural Horsemanship embraces all that horses bring into our lives.

The Academy

The Epona Academy Of True Natural Horsemanship is internationally recognized as the only Natural Horsemanship method that relies on effective communication, an indepth knowledge of the horse's nature and training in a language that the horses understand - their own!

No whips or artificial, pain-oriented paraphernalia are used on the horses in any aspect of communication or training.

The Academy also qualifies instructors in the True Natural Horsemanship method of communicating and training horses with a Generalist or Specialist instructorship designation. The Academy's online courses enable overseas educators, the public or horse owners outside of western Canada to achieve certified instructorship in the method.

New! Online courses

True Natural Horsemanship

The Academy's online courses makes it possible for anyone to learn the True Natural Horsemanship method. See how a horse responds, learns and socializes naturally. Certified instructorship with online courses is now also available!


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Public Workshops

The Miraculous Self
The Way Of The Horse
TNH Family Workshops

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Horse Owners

Learn effective horse training, communication and how to work with common problems in training horses as well as problem-solving. Learn new ways to grow in your partnership with a horse!
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TNH Instructor Workshops

TNH Generalist Instructor

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TNH Specialist Instructor

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New! Online courses for the certified Generalist Instructorship


TNH Apprenticeship program

International Apprentice Program

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corporate workshops with horses

Contact the Academy for some interactive equine workshops!

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